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2018 Annual Homeless Assessment Report

HUD Report: Yearly Point-In-Time Count Shows Small Uptick In Utah Homelessness In 2018

The number of people who were experiencing homelessness in Utah ticked up slightly from the previous year, though still below where it stood more than a decade ago, according to an annual federal report released Monday.

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Sen. Orrin Hatch will retire next month, winding down a political career spanning four decades ... this week, KUER is remembering lesser known parts of Hatch's legacy.

Photo of duck stamp.
U.S. Department of Interior

The Federal Duck Stamp Program is for the birds, at least when it comes to birdwatchers.

Next Door Strangers Logo

Picture this: People are gathered around in the living room talking about politics. Or religion. You know, the big stuff that it seems like nobody agrees on. The people in the room don’t agree either, but they aren’t fighting. Believe it or not, this scene is taking place in living rooms across the country.

In this episode, Andrea explores how and why people are voluntarily getting out of their comfort zones by engaging people with different viewpoints. Joan Blades, a co-founder of Living Room Conversations, explains how to host one of these gatherings on your own. We’ll even give you a blueprint for how you can make yourself uncomfortable too.

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Utah will soon impose the country's strictest limits for drunk driving.

Photo of Utah Olympic Park.
Brian Grimmett / KUER

With Salt Lake City now officially in the running for another Winter Olympics, officials are now looking at ways to protect the region’s biggest asset: cold weather.

Photo of Hatch and Bush.
Office of Sen. Orrin Hatch

Sen. Orrin Hatch will retire next month, winding down a political career spanning four decades ... longer than any elected official in Utah's history. The 84-year-old will likely be remembered for his role in bruising Supreme Court nomination battles, passing the Children's Health Insurance Program and funneling millions of dollars back to Utah.

But this week, KUER is remembering lesser known parts of Hatch's legacy. Today, we start with Hatch's 2000 presidential run.

Julia Ritchey / KUER

Salt Lake City is one step closer to securing another Winter Games.


On Friday, the U.S. Olympic Committee chose Utah’s capital city as the country’s nominee for a future Games, which could bring the Winter Olympics back to the United States for the first time since 2002.

Photo of Joe Biden
Image courtesy of the University of Utah

Former Vice President Joe Biden told an audience at the University of Utah on Thursday that he had every intention of running for president in 2016, but his eldest son’s diagnosis of brain cancer made him reconsider.

Photo of Jon Tester.
U.S. Senate Committee On Indian Affairs

Lawmakers grilled federal law enforcement agencies over their lack of rigorous investigations into missing and murdered indigenous women at a landmark Senate hearing Wednesday.

The U.S. Olympic Committee could decide this week which Mountain West city could host the 2030 Winter Games. But both cities have a complicated history when it comes to the Olympics.

Photo of Hatch.
Screenshot CSPAN

As he prepares to leave the U.S. Senate after 42 years in office, Orrin Hatch said Congress’ upper chamber “is in crisis” and called for more unity in politics.



Trump In The White House

Bob Woodward joins us to talk about the inner workings of the Trump administration and how the U.S. is “tethered to the words and actions of an emotionally overwrought and unpredictable leader.”


Maybe you’ve heard we’re a divided country. Here at KUER, we’re going to challenge that idea with a new podcast about finding connection in a time of division.

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A specially appointed federal panel of judges has dismissed all 83 ethics complaints brought against Justice Brett Kavanaugh regarding his conduct at his confirmation hearings.

The judges concluded that while the complaints "are serious," there is no existing authority that allows lower court judges to investigate or discipline Supreme Court justices.

The first cases related to the Parkland school shooting in February are beginning to work through the courts, testing a number of thorny legal issues.

In the last week, for example, judges in different courts ruled on questions about what duty school deputy Scot Peterson had to protect the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School during the attack there in February.

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Residents of Falmouth, a coastal city in the far southwest corner of England, woke up Tuesday morning to an unusual sight. Instead of the open waters of the English Channel, they looked out and saw a 600-foot Russian cargo ship grounded just off Gyllyngvase Beach.

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