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After Students Chant 'Build The Wall,' District Apologizes

Oct 4, 2017

The Davis School District has issued an apology after students attending a football game last week chanted “build the wall," a frequent rally cry during President Donald Trump's campaign.

Videos of the chant at Woods Cross High School quickly circulated on social media. And at first glance it looks like a typical scene of students cheering on their team from the stands. But they’re not cheering exactly.


One student appears to be holding up a cardboard cutout of President Trump.

On Monday the district responded with a statement saying that the student-led chant had caused some very serious concern in the community and that “many introspective discussions have taken place at Woods Cross.” They then offered apologies from administrators and the students involved.

It’s unclear what exactly motivated the students.

Like most neighboring schools, Woods Cross is mostly white - 80 percent of the student body to be exact, while 10 percent of the students are Hispanic.