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AmeriCorp Puts Utah At #5 Nationally For Volunteerism

Aug 18, 2016

Utah’s ranks 5th nationally in producing AmeriCorp volunteers. That’s according to new a report from the Corporation for National and Community Service: the federal program that administers the programs.

Bill Basl is the Director of AmeriCorp.

“In Utah there’s a long tradition and traditions I think are very powerful in terms of identifying a norm in terms of what it means to be successful, what it means to be a strong citizen in Utah," says Basl, "and service to others; making a positive contribution to their broader community, putting service above self. Those are all core values that I think are unique to the state of Utah.”

Basl says a key focus for Utah volunteers has been reading.

“And the reason that is important is that is a strong indicator of success. If a child reads at grade level by 3rd grade or at least reads at grade level by the time they exit elementary school," says Basl, "there’s a strong correlation in terms of that child being able to graduate high school and go beyond.”

Utah’s previous ranking was 8th in the nation in per capita participation. The state ranks #1 overall in volunteering according to the Volunteering and Civic Life Report. Salt Lake City is ranked #1 among large cities and Provo ranks 5th nationally for AmeriCorp participation