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On Jan. 1, Say Goodbye To Car Safety Inspections

Dec 29, 2017

Starting in 2018, Utahns will no longer be required to get a safety inspection before renewing their car registration.

That was part of a law passed last year by the Utah Legislature, which is estimated to save taxpayers $25 million annually. Car registration fees will go up by $1, with that money earmarked to pay for more highway patrol troopers.

Drivers will still need to get emissions inspections, and the cost of those is going up, too — from $2.50 to $7.50.


That's just one of 10 new laws that go into effect at the first of the year. 


A list of state laws that go into effect Jan. 1, 2018.
Credit le.utah.gov

Another law will be a boon for big Utah refiners, who can now purchase or lease large machinery and equipment tax free. That law, expected to cost the state $3 million, is designed to push refineries to buy equipment to produce cleaner burning Tier 3 gas.

A third law that will affect visitors to the Beehive State is a new .3 percent room tax on hotels and motels. It’s supposed to generate nearly $4 million annually for the Outdoor Recreation Infrastructure Grants, which pays for things like new trails and signage at parks across the state.