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More To Say Will Return

Jun 19, 2018

Did you miss More To Say this week? Us, too. That’s because we’ve come to the end of the podcast’s first season. Last November, More To Say started with a story about a Mormon man sharing his troubles with pornography. Since then, we introduced you to a group of moms who meet at Village Inn to talk about their childrens' drug addictions, and we looked into inmate deaths in Utah jails and sexual abuse at Utah State University and the Missionary Training Center in Provo. And we drove around Salt Lake City to learn about affordable housing and the tiny home movement.

When More To Say returns later this summer, we’ll bring you more Utah stories, told by seasoned KUER reporters. We’ll have a new sound, and also a new host.  KUER’s news director Andrew Becker inherits the position from Doug Fabrizio, who you can still hear every weekday on RadioWest.

Thanks to everyone who’s been listening to More To Say. We’re excited to return soon with more stories.