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Sunday "Miracle" Ice Rescue at Mantua Reservoir

Nov 30, 2015

The rescue of a woman who fell through the ice in a Northern Utah reservoir Sunday is being called a miracle.

Mantua Police Chief Mike Johnson says the woman went into the partially frozen Mantua Reservoir while trying to rescue her 2 dogs. He says a city worker who had changed his Sunday routine and a police officer who was ready for work early likely saved the life of the Heber City woman.

“We figured if she’d been in there another five minutes she wouldn’t be here. It was that close. You know, I look at it as a miracle, completely.”

Johnson says Officer Brad Nelson struggled at first to reach her with his water rescue equipment.

“He could feel the ice cracking. He ignored that and went out further for a second attempt and was able to save a life,” says Johnson, “so I really want to congratulate him on just being a hero I think.”

Johnson says the woman was treated for hypothermia and released Sunday. He says the dogs climbed out of the lake on their own and were in the care of a volunteer with the fire department until all of them could be reunited.