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Utah's Trying to Fast-Track Clean Car, Clean Fuel

Oct 15, 2014

State air-quality officials are still trying to bring next-generation clean cars and clean fuel to Utah. They told lawmakers Wednesday they are making headway.

One reason they are so determined is that the federal Environmental Protection Agency says its new Tier 3 standards will do more to clean up air pollution on the Wasatch Front than anywhere else in the nation. State officials want these federal standards met in Utah even before they kick in nationwide. That involves persuading auto dealers to stock low-pollution cars

“So, as we talked to the dealers, they said, we can help,” said Alan Matheson, Gov. Gary Herbert’s senior environmental advisor.

“We can educate our members. We can bring in these cleaner vehicles sooner than 2017. And we collectively start educating the public look at that smog rating and consider getting a cleaner vehicle.”

Matheson pointed out that new vehicles with ratings of 8, 9 or 10 on their window stickers already meet Tier 3 standards.

Meanwhile, the Herbert Administration also is talking about clean fuel with refineries. Regulators can’t force them to deliver the low-sulfur gasoline because of quirks in the federal regulations. But Matheson says refinery company executives have stepped up.

“They are very much aware of what they can do to help, and have committed to do so.”

Democratic Sen. Jim Dabakis warned that it’s too soon to act like the battle for clean air is over.

“I think we need to be careful about patting ourselves in the back,” he said. “The reason things are so wonderful is because the EPA almost with a shotgun at our heads has forced us to do so many things we have fought along the way. And so now to say look how good it is, you know, may be accepting a little bit too much credit.”

Herbert’s Clean Air Action Team recently put Tier 3 regulations at the top of its list of the best tools for cleaning up Utah’s air. Its leader, Robert Grow, said once the clean fuels and clean cars are in place, it will be like taking the pollution from four of every five cars off of Utah’s roads.