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7/22/09: The Deseret Alphabet

By Doug Fabrizio

Salt Lake City, UT – Have you ever wondered why "enough" isn't spelled with an "f" or why "knew" needs a "k"? Brigham Young imagined an easier way of writing English. He charged a committee with creating a new, simpler method, and in 1854, the Deseret Alphabet was born. A primer was written, a gold coin was minted - and today, one of the rare Books of Mormon printed in the alphabet goes for thousands. Wednesday, we're talking about the Deseret Alphabet - the reasons it was created and why it didn't last.

Bob Moss is an artist based in Salt Lake City. Much of his work includes the Deseret Alphabet in what he describes as folk influenced outsider art. To see more, visit his website at You can also see some of his pieces at the Beehive Tea Room, 12 W Broadway in Salt Lake City.

Visit more resources on the Deseret Alphabet:

  • Edward Bateman's Deseret Alphabet
  • A Complete Guide to Reading and Writing the Deseret Alphabet by Neil Alexander Walker
  • M. Scott Reynolds' The Deseret Alphabet web-site

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