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11/11/11: Bigfoot and Cryptozoology

This image of a purported Bigfoot comes from the famous Patterson-Gimlin film.
Courtesy Jeff Meldrum
This image of a purported Bigfoot comes from the famous Patterson-Gimlin film.

11/11/11: Bigfoot and Cryptozoology

Salt Lake City – Cryptozoologist Jeff Meldrum catches a lot of flak from his academic colleagues for his field of research. The critics disdain his ongoing study of Sasquatch. But Meldrum, an expert in bipedal locomotion, is convinced by the evidence that Bigfoot exists. He says that discrediting the study of creatures whose existence is unproven countermands the scientific commitment to explore the unknown. Meldrum joins Doug on Friday to talk about Bigfoot and the importance of objective scientific analysis.

  • Professor Jeff Meldrum will present a lecture on his research and field questions on Friday, November 11, from 6 to 8 p.m. at the Utah Valley University library. The library is located at 800 West University Parkway in Orem, Utah.
  • Scrutinize some of Meldrum's research:

  • Midfoot Flexibility, Fossil Footprints, and Sasquatch Steps: New Perspectives on the Evolution of Bipedalism, published in Journal of Scientific Exploration,2004.
  • Ichnotaxonomy of Giant Hominoid Tracks In North America, published in New Mexico Museum of Natural History and Science Bulletin.
  • The original Patterson-Gimlin footage from 1967.
    The same footage, slowed down and zoomed in on the suspect saquatch.

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