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Opening Panel Round


And we want to remind everyone to join us here most weeks at Chase Bank Auditorium here in Chicago. For tickets and more information, go to, and you can find a link at our website, Right now, panel, time for you to answer some questions about this week's news. Brian?


CAREY: Hey, the "Bucket List" isn't just the title of a movie Morgan Freeman and Jack Nicholson made to get more money for prostitutes.


CAREY: No, no, no, it's actually a real concept. And according to the Daily Telegraph, everyone should have a bucket list, including whom?

BABYLON: OK, give me like a little bit of a hint.

CAREY: OK. "Hump a leg" is definitely on that bucket list.

BABYLON: Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Dogs should have a bucket list.

CAREY: Yes, exactly, dogs.



CAREY: Dogs. The Daily Telegraph published the list of "50 Things Every Dog Should Do Before It Dies," because nothing sells newspapers like reminding readers their beloved pets are going to die.


CAREY: On the list: One, find a spot to sleep. Two: Turn around. Three: Turn around.


CAREY: Four: Turn around. Five: Turn around. Six: Lie down.


BABYLON: Why? Is this a British newspaper?


BABYLON: Of course. There you go.


BABYLON: There you go.

CAREY: I can't imagine the things they left off the dog bucket list.

TOM BODETT: Catching the bus.

CAREY: Catching the bus would be good. Yeah, this list was made by humans, of course, but dogs actually make their own bucket list. Number 26: Eat a filet mignon, or some vomit, I don't care, I'm a dog.


CAREY: Number 32: Spay or neuter a human, see how they like it.



BABYLON: So this list had - a 50 thing bucket list?

CAREY: Yeah, some poor - which means like some poor writer - it was either some editor going hey, we need space, do this.

BODETT: Yeah. No, it was a freelancer. It was Superman up in the Fortress of Solitude.


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