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Now panel, what will be the big surprise at the big game? Alonzo Bodden.

ALONZO BODDEN: The shocking thing - just like the Oscars, there'll be no black winners.


SAGAL: Helen Hong.

HELEN HONG: Marco Rubio will give a Katy Perry-style halftime performance, complete with fireworks, sequined outfits and Rand Paul and Rick Santorum dancing backup in shark costumes.


SAGAL: That would actually be awesome.

BILL KURTIS: That would be good.

SAGAL: Roy Blount, Jr.

ROY BLOUNT, JR.: A wide receiver makes a leaping, one-finger catch. And there it is. There's nowhere else to go from there.


KURTIS: And if any of those things happen, panel, we'll tell you about it on WAIT WAIT ...DON'T TELL ME.

SAGAL: Thank you. Bill Kurtis. Thanks also to Alonzo Bodden, Helen Hong, Roy Blount, Jr. Thanks to all of you for listening. I am Peter Sagal. We'll see you next week.


SAGAL: This is NPR. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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