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Coming Up Sunday: The Directors Of 'Weiner'


Finally today, we just heard about a film about two larger-than-life political figures. Tomorrow, we will hear about another political figure who is remembered - at the moment, anyway - for something quite different. Remember Anthony Weiner?


ANTHONY WEINER: I will not yield to the gentleman, and the gentleman will observe regular order. The gentleman will observe regular order.

MARTIN: The former congressman from New York was a rising star in the Democratic Party. He was building a profile as a savvy fighter for the middle-class. That is, until a selfie of bulging underwear triggered a firestorm and up-ended his political career.


UNIDENTIFIED MAN: His entire 20-year career was really reduced to this one thing, to this punchline. Our intention going in was really just to see if we could capture a more human and nuanced portrait of him and tell the more complete story.

MARTIN: Now a new documentary takes an intimate look at Weiner's quest for redemption. The film is called "Weiner," and the directors are with us on tomorrow's program. For Saturday, that's ALL THINGS CONSIDERED from NPR News. I'm Michel Martin. Follow us on Twitter @npratc, or follow me @NPRMichel. We are back tomorrow. Until then, thank you for listening, and we hope you have a great night. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

Michel Martin is the weekend host of All Things Considered, where she draws on her deep reporting and interviewing experience to dig in to the week's news. Outside the studio, she has also hosted "Michel Martin: Going There," an ambitious live event series in collaboration with Member Stations.
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