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Hip-Hop Group Adds Rhymes To The 'Morning Edition' Theme Song


All right, time for a new version of the MORNING EDITION theme in response to our callout for themes produced by you, our listeners.


This morning, we will listen to a hip-hop group that goes by the name Jazzy Triggs. The group took our theme, added a beat and dropped some rhymes on top.


JAZZY TRIGGS: (Singing) Good morning, it's morning. We've got the MORNING EDITION. And like a hot cup of coffee, I'm just a man on a mission giving you the latest scoop and all that good information. What's going on in the world, and what's the news in your nation? Soraya Sarhaddi's body of knowledge is banging. The latest world news is the stuff she be slinging, coffee and juice with Renee Montagne. MORNING EDITION on the weekend, add a little champagne.

GREENE: (Laughter) Oh, my God. Jazzy Triggs, if you're offering coffee or juice with Renee Montagne, I am in.

MONTAGNE: OK - and any time, David, with you.


MONTAGNE: Jazzy Triggs is three guys who met years ago in college at the University of Arizona. They started making rap songs together for fun.

GREENE: Jake Bayham heard our callout for new theme music, and he reached out to the others.

JAKE BAYHAM: I'm sort of an NPR junkie. Like, honestly, every morning, Monday through Friday on my way to work, I put every MORNING EDITION piece into my playlist and just play it from start to finish.

MONTAGNE: Kenny Johnston created the beat and wrote the first verse.

KENNY JOHNSTON: I was riding my bike. And I had a coffee. And I was all, you know, on endorphins. And I was like, good morning, it's morning. And I was like, wait a second. That's a good way to start the MORNING EDITION beat. It was, like, a four-block bike ride. And by the time I got back home, I had the whole thing written in my head.

GREENE: And Adam Zloto wrote the verse that mentions some NPR voices like yours, Renee.

ADAM ZLOTO: Part of the most iconic thing about NPR is the hosts and the names. And they're incredible, and they're so worldly. And I just think it was an interesting thing to bring up and pay a little homage to the names that you hear every day in the morning.

BAYHAM: I'm just bummed we didn't get Ofeibea Quist-Arcton in there.

ZLOTO: (Imitating Ofeibea Quist-Arcton) Dakar.


GREENE: Oh, Renee, that was a good Ofeibea impression, wasn't it?

MONTAGNE: (Imitating Ofeibea Quist-Arcton) Dakar - everyone loves doing that.

That was Adam Zloto, Jake Bayham and Kenny Johnston, the members of Jazzy Triggs. And this has been so much fun, we're extending our call for your versions of the theme until the end of June.

GREENE: All right, so do it. Upload your rendition on SoundCloud with the #MorningEditionTheme. Go to to send it in and maybe, just made, you'll hear it on the air.

MONTAGNE: And here's one more version. It's a dance remix by Nat Landry of Northern Virginia, who also goes by Lil Farley.


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