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Voter Check-In: Clinton Supporter Reaches Out To The Other Side


And this morning, we're turning back to some of the many voters we spoke to this election cycle. It was in Atlanta, Ga., that we met Tonya Hicks. She's a small business owner, a single mother, and when we spoke with her just ahead of the first presidential debate, she was standing firmly behind Hillary Clinton. But that didn't stop her from reaching out to the other side, just in case.

TONYA HICKS: In our building, as the owner, if we could do, like, a happy hour of everybody coming together. I just wanted to prepare myself to reach out to Republicans and independents because we have to come together. So I just kind of mentally and emotionally prepared myself for that.

MONTAGNE: Looking ahead, Hicks plans to focus on the world around her.

HICKS: I have two African-American sons. I'm going to just work in my own communities and try to build our communities and our local government and work on what I can do for African-Americans.

MONTAGNE: That's Tonya Hicks of Atlanta, Ga., a Hillary Clinton backer, reflecting on Donald Trump's victory. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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