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Support KUER's Main Studio Restoration Project

Thanks to your generosity, we've raised an incredible $59,158, surpassing our fundraising goal of $48,750! Your support has ensured that the mixing console in our main studio, the hub of our broadcast operations, will receive a much-needed upgrade and thrive for years to come.

It's not too late to donate. Support this project when you give to KUER today!

Why are we restoring KUER's main studio?
The mixing console is a critical system at the heart of our studio. It allows us to raise the signal of different programs so you can enjoy the diverse content we bring to your ears each day. It acts as the control center, orchestrating the seamless flow of sound to your listening devices and enabling us to adhere to the highest standards of programming excellence. Confused? Don't fret! You can watch our Chief Engineer, Lewis Downey, break it all down. Plus, we've made a visual flow chart to explain how programs from NPR and other distributors end up on our airwaves:

 An infographic that says "How Does Radio Work? A Visual Guide." The graphic has a line going from a drawing of an NPR studio, up to a communication satellite, down to a dish satellite, over to a computer with mixing board labeled KUER Main Studio, and then up to a radio, smart speaker and smart phone.

Why are we fundraising?
As with any technology, the wear and tear of time on KUER's mixing console has taken its toll, and it’s in need of an upgrade. The total cost to replace the equipment is $48,750 — a significant sum to raise on top of regular station expenses — and we're asking for your support to make this possible. Your donations ensure that public radio continues to be free and accessible to everyone. Give today and help restore KUER's Main Studio!

When you give, we'll also reach out to you with an invite to come tour the station and see how the main studio works on Thursday, July 13, from 5-7 p.m.

KUER is listener-supported public radio. Support this work by making a donation today.