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Drum Fill Fridays!

Just for a moment, quit obsessing over what Game of Thrones character you are (we both know it's probably Sam) and try one of these music quizzes from the folks over at All Songs Considered's Nerds! blog.  Can you guess which shoes belong to SeunKuti?  That's the game in the Sole Of A Band quiz series, and it's certainly not an easy one. As an incessant foot-tapper and amateur steering-wheel drummer, though, my personal favorite has got to be Drum Fill Fridays.  

The goal is to identify songs using their least, well, song-ish parts, when melody takes the backseat and the percussionists get to strut their stuff in the foreground for a few brief seconds. 

As a newcomer to Drum Fill Fridays, I sat down to take this week's quiz—curated by Owls drummer Mike Kinsella—with a certain amount of hubris. "How hard could this be?", I thought, before promptly racking up a cringe-worthy score of 2/5.  (Of course, I immediately took the previous week's quiz, confident that my first effort was a fluke, but nope: 2/5 again. I'm nothing if not consistent.)  ...Think you can do better? 

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