Audio Streaming Troubleshooting | KUER 90.1

Audio Streaming Troubleshooting

Streaming Problems?

If you're having problems streaming any of KUER's three feeds from your computer or your phone follow the suggestions below to help resolve your issues.

Ad Blockers

We've had several listeners report to us that if they have an ad blocker running in their browser, the "Listen Live" button at the top of the home page won't appear. Try turning off any extras you have running in your browser and see if that resolves your issue.

Flash Player

If your browser is unable to open one of our streams, you might try selecting the KUER Flash Player. That will allow you to listen to any of our three streams from a pop-up flash player.

However, many browsers are moving away from supporting Adobe Flash. Conversely, if you're having troubles with our flash player, try opening one of the main streams.

Open Stream in Third Party Application

Most modern browsers should have no problem opening up and playing our streams. If that isn't the case in your situation, try opening up the stream using Windows Media Player or iTunes.

Generally, the process of opening a stream in one of those programs begins by clicking on file, and then navigation to an option that says open stream. You'll then need to copy and paste one of the following URL's.

KUER 90.1, NPR Utah


Classical KUER

If All Else Fails...

Please feel free to contact:

Chelsea Naughton

When contacting Chelsea, please provide or be able to provide information such as what operating system (Windows, OS X, Android) and browser (Chrome, Firefox, Safari) you're trying to stream from.