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Salt Lake City Announces Regent Street Makeover Plans

Salt Lake City planners announced a proposal for a major reconstruction of Regent Street Tuesday on the east side of the new Eccles Theater. It would connect City Creek Center and the Gallivan Center at an estimated cost just over $10-million dollars.

“Street of Stories” is the proposed theme to showcase the rich and varied history as a reoccurring element in its design. The famous Salt Lake House was located on Regent Street and entertained guests that included Pony Express riders and Mark Twain. The Salt Lake Tribune and Deseret News operations were also located there for nearly 80 years. Mark Morris of VODA Landscape and Planning says the proposal includes printing press sheets that tie elements including art and retail together.

“So really trying to kind of find these interesting stories of this place and the history of Salt Lake and telling it to the people as they kind of venture down this street and learn new things about it,” says Morris.

City Councilman Stan Penfold is also the chair of the Redevelopment Agency of Salt Lake City. He says he’s using this as a learning experience to be applied to other areas of downtown.

“So one of the key components of this project is connecting pedestrians,” he says, “and so this is one of the first times we’re been able to say we’re going to really define the mid-block walkway between Main Street and Regent Street.”

Penfold says planners envision both live and stationary art components that encourage daytime and evening visitors. Plum Alley and Orpheum Avenue would also be part of the makeover. Completion of the project is expected to coincide with the opening of the Eccles Theater in 2016. Salt Lake City Mayor Ralph Becker says there will be opportunities for plenty of public input during the review process that began Tuesday with the SLCRDA.

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