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Urban Arts Fest Elements at The Gateway

Urban Arts Fest Elements at The Gateway

Urban Arts Festival, produced by the Utah Arts Alliance, is the largest free community art event in Utah. The festival showcases hundreds of artists, performers, and musicians. Recognized for its efforts, the festival has received several awards including being named the “Best New Festival in Utah”, “Best Indie Art Event in Utah” and “Best Fest for the Rest”! The Utah Arts Alliance is planning a COVID19 appropriate pivot event to replace the Urban Arts Festival, the 10 year anniversary for 2020 was originally planned for September 5th and 6th. The Urban Arts Festival will be broken up into smaller gatherings and exhibits to accomplish our highest priorities of community safety, public health, civic accountability, and maintain the relationships with the artists we serve. We are calling this series of exhibits the Urban Arts Fest Elements which includes the Skate Deck Exhibit at the Urban Arts Gallery, Mural Arts, Hard N Paint Basketball Competition, Lowrider Custom Car Culture Exhibit, and the Artist Marketplace.

The Gateway
10:00 AM - 10:00 PM, every day through Sep 29, 2020.

Event Supported By

Utah Arts Alliance