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Love Defeats Owens In Utah's 4th District, Makes History

Andrea Smardon/KUER

In close and hard fought race, Republican Mia Love holds on to defeat Democrat Doug Owens and claim victory in Utah’s 4th congressional district.  

Mia Love trailed Doug Owens for much of the night Tuesday as election results came in. But later in the night Love took a slim lead and held on with margin growing slightly bigger.  Just after 11 p.m. she took the podium to address her supporters as the congresswoman-elect in Utah’s 4th district.

“At the beginning of this campaign I invited you all to run with me, run toward the challenges of our time and tonight my message to you and to every Utahn and to every American out there is that there is great cause for confidence,” said Love.

Love rode a GOP wave of victory on Tuesday night as Republicans across the country took control of the Senate and increased their hold on the House. Love told the crowd that she was proud to be a part of a surge of Republican support.

“This election is historic because it has raised Utah’s voice and we have boldly told congress that the status quo will not work. Above all, this election is about remembering our history, reclaiming our freedom and reshaping our future,” said Love.

Doug Owens spoke to reporters after conceding defeat. In his first campaign for elected office, Owens ran a much tighter campaign that most expected.  In the end he said low voter turn out might have been the difference, but he’s proud of his staff’s efforts.

“I feel at peace about it. I had a good feeling going in and obviously I would rather the outcome have been different, but I feel at peace about it.  I feel good about it.   We’ll be back. We’re not done yet,” said Owens.

With Love’s victory, Utah’s entire congressional delegation now belongs to the GOP and Love the first black Republican woman elected to the U.S. House.

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