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PM Brief: Infected beef cattle, distracted driving blitz & Romney on SCOTUS confirmation

Photo of cattle grazing.
Courtesy of Utah Bureau of Land Management
Bulls in a herd of beef cattle in Box Elder County are infected with a sexually transmitted disease. That story and more in this evening's news brief.

Thursday, April 7, 2022


Romney votes for Brown Jackson’s SCOTUS appointment

Utah Sen. Mitt Romney was one of just three Republican senators to vote to confirm Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson to the Supreme Court Thursday. Romney said in a statement that he doesn’t expect to agree with every decision she makes on the court, but that “she is a well qualified jurist and a person of honor.” The vote is a reversal from last year when he did not support Brown Jackson’s appointment to a federal appeals court. Utah’s other senator, Mike Lee, voted against her confirmation. He said in a statement that’s because she didn’t articulate her judicial philosophy, “account for her troubling record, or give her opinion on court packing.” — Sonja Hutson

Northern Utah

Activist ready to sue over motorcycles they say are polluting Utah air

Utah Physicians for a Healthy Environment intends to sue four Harley-Davidson dealerships along the Wasatch Front, alleging the dealers are selling motorcycles that don’t meet federal air and noise standards. The group claims the locations are removing pollution control devices as well as installing parts that interfere with emissions and noise control systems. The owner did not respond to requests for comment. The dealerships have 60 days to change their alleged actions before the group files a lawsuit. Read the full story. — Lexi Peery

Police on the lookout for distracted drivers

Police in Salt Lake and Utah counties are planning a blitz on distracted drivers this weekend. They’ll be using an unmarked van to spot violators. State law prohibits using a phone or a laptop to text, email, instant message or even dial a phone number while driving. It’s a Class C misdemeanor with fines up to $100. The penalty is harsher if it’s a second offense or if someone is seriously injured because of it. Other law enforcement agencies throughout the state will also be paying special attention to distracted drivers this weekend. — Elaine Clark

Infection in Box Elder County beef cattle

Bulls in a herd of beef cattle in Box Elder County are infected with a sexually transmitted disease. That’s according to a statement released Thursday from the Utah State Veterinarian’s office. Trichomoniasis — or trich — causes cows to abort their fetuses, and while cows often clear the infection, bulls are generally infected for life. This can have a big economic impact on ranchers because they have fewer calves and have to cull and replace infected bulls. Officials are waiting on test results from ten other herds that the infected one was in contact with. Infected bulls may have also been leased to other ranches. — Elaine Clark

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