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War Commentary, Tammy Busch

By Tammy Busch

Salt Lake City, UT –

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When I was asked my views about the war in Iraq, my immediate thought was the sight of, not one, but 2 planes flying into the World Trade Center. I sat in horror as I watched the replay of that tragic morning. You may ask what that has to do with the war in Iraq. Al Qaeda did that. Yes, Al Qaeda did that. But what they also did was declare war on us. And any nation who aided there effort also declared war on us. War does not have to be announced to be declared.

Where does Iraq come into this? It not only aided Al Qaeda in its mission against us, but applauded them for their bravery and courage. That is not the sole reason to go to war with Iraq, I am sure. Al Qaeda was a threat to us long before it carried out its mission and look what turning our heads the other way got us. Iraq is a threat to world peace period. To me, all of this antiwar rhetoric is delusional. There hasn't been peace in the world for thousands of years - if ever. If we were capable of peace, then we would not have regimes like Saddam Hussein's. We would not have Al Qaeda, the IRA, and Hamas. Sadly, we are not capable of peace, and we must use what we have had for centuries, war, to, at least, achieve 'peace of mind'.

We are at war so that we, the American people, do not have to see another 9/11. If I never have to see another 9/11 in my lifetime, I will feel very blessed. I know a lot of WW2 survivors who felt the same way before 9/11 too. Now, they have lived to see it again. War was the only solution then, as it has become now.

Living in a rural area does not make us less vulnerable to conflict. We are closer to our patriotic roots here. We are downwind from major cities that could be attacked. This war hits close to home for all of us here in rural Utah. We have men and women from the Battery A Second Battalion 222nd Field Artillery Utah National Guard Unit on their way to Iraq to join the fighting. There are fewer people manning the stores and offices around town. And business has dropped.


God Bless America, its military and may God bless our president. Show true Patriotism and Support our troops.

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