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Candidates 2008: UT-1: Incumbent Supports Smaller Government


By Tasha Cook

Salt Lake City, UT – Utah 1st Congressional District incumbent Rob Bishop says he supports lower taxes, smaller budgets and less government involvement in the lives of the people of Utah.

Bishop is running for re-election against challenger Morgan Bowen.

"My goal has always been to reduce the amount of control Washington has on the lives of people," Bishop said.

"I have the same goal I have always had. I want to lose power. I want the federal government to do less in the lives of Americans when I leave office than when I came here," he said.

In regards to the storing of nuclear waste in Utah, which has been a major issue raised by Bowen, Bishop said it should be a decision made by the state of Utah, and not by federal legislators.

"If you really believe that you need to empower state and local governments, you have to allow those governments to make a decision and then support them on that. Whatever the state of Utah wants to have as its standard, I will support that," Bishop said.

Bishop alleged that over the past two years, the Democratically controlled Congress has spent more than the amount recommended by President Bush. Bishop said he has voted against budget increases, with the exception of military spending.

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