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“Van Life” Couple Brings An Honest Approach To Adventure Photography

Adventure photographers are known for posting pictures of serene outdoor scenes and perfect camping trips. But one traveling couple who recently passed through Utah have a slightly different approach.

They are Jace and Giddi Carmichael and they live in a van. Although calling it a van is misleading, it’s more like a tiny home on wheels.


Together they converted a 2005 Sprinter van into a pretty cozy dwelling complete with wood paneling, solar power, running water, even a pull out composting toilet.


They share the space with their 4 month old daughter, Juniper. Who, Giddi says, is responding really well to life on the road.


That might be due to the fact that Giddi spent virtually her entire pregnancy living in their last van. Which they've since sold in order to pay for the new one, more room for the three of them and their dog Lotus.


Jace and Giddi document their travels on the Instagram account “Our Home on Wheels.” They’re careful not create the illusion that their life is one nonstop adventure, which can seem the case with other photographers.


“You don’t think about them using the toilet and you don’t think about them having to cook," says Giddi.


"It’s not all dreamy like Instagram shows so we try to make it very real," says Jace.


They often post about the less glamorous side of traveling. Times when the van is messy or when they lounge around eating pizza in bed. Jace says it’s important to let their 70,000 followers know that it’s not all perfect mountain views and hashtags.


“Those moments are amazing," says Jace. "And they really are what people are depicting. They’re amazing. But that’s not every day.”  


Some days are spent attending to their online jewelry company that funds their travels. But they’re not complaining.


Currently preparing for a trip to Baja Mexico, Jace and Giddi feel extremely lucky that this is their life. They're also grateful social media allows them to bring so many of their admirers along for the ride.


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