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Election news from across Utah's statewide and national races in 2020.

Election Day: Hear From Voters Around The State

A photo of a polling station.
Lexi Peery
KUER reporters caught up with voters at polling stations all around the state about voting issues and more.

Payton Dray, Provo

“Me and my buddy, we actually were at the gym and they said, ‘Hey, we're closing down at 12. Cause we're making everybody go vote.’ So, I was like, oh, that must be pretty serious.”

Nick Squires, St. George

"Yeah. We got to watch it go right into the machine and they said, yep, done. So, it was a lot more trusting this way.”

A photo of Anne and Nick Squires and their son.
Lexi Peery
Ann and Nick Squires voted at Washington County's only in-person voting location today. They said they were worried about their ballots getting lost in the mail and wanted to do it in-person. Ann said the process was much smoother than it had been in previous years.

Nina Bernal, Salt Lake County

“So much has happened since 2016. A lot of it was unexpected, but I hope it woke people up to realize that their vote really matters and their participation politically counts a lot.”

A photo of Nina Bernal.
Emily Means
Nina Bernal voted and registered to vote in person at the Salt Lake County Government Center this afternoon. "It was a little more pleasant than I expected," Bernal said. "I was a little skeptical about coming in just because of rumors going around about a little bit of violence possibly breaking out."

Marcos Rosa, Davis County

“This is actually my first time exercising my right to vote as a citizen, so I want to get that done. It feels good to be part of that decision making, hopefully for the good of everybody.”

Jessica Avei, Provo

“I just voted for my first time, actually. I'm really supportive of the Black Lives Matter movement. I also definitely am pretty big on having police and just reforming them.

Carmen Cozart, Salt Lake City

“The judicial system is critical for me and I actually saw some people that I was just exuberant about seeing on the ballot, so it's very beneficial to vote.”

A photo of Carmen and Rodney Cozart.
Sonja Hutson
Carmen and Rodney Cozart, mother and son, live in SLC and voted at the Vivint center because they were worried about their mail in ballot not counting. It’s their first time voting in Utah.

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