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Mark Crockett Announces Plan to Save County Money

Republican Salt Lake County Mayor Candidate Mark Crockett says his opponent’s proposal to make county government more efficient shows his lack of experience. Crockett laid out his plan today.

Last week, Crocket’s opponent Ben McAdams stood in a cul-de-sac in Sugar House to explain why it’s wasteful for Salt Lake City to plow one side of the road, while Salt Lake County plows the other. Crockett contrasted his plan with that of McAdams while standing in front of the Salt Lake County Public Works Building. He says McAdams obviously doesn’t know how public works, operate.

“Snow plows don’t plow both sides of the street at the same time,” Crockett said. “They go around the block because it’s more efficient. We could spend years trying to get the cities coming together to use the same snowplow service but you’d still be driving the snowplows around the block.”

Crockett says instead of consolidating services under the county, more focus should be put on maintaining current operations.

“We need somebody with real experience who knows how to run these processes, otherwise, we’re going to be having the same conversation two years from now, where we haven’t saved any money and a bunch of time has gone by,” Crockett said.

Crockett says his plan will save at least $40 million for Salt Lake County. 

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