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All of the stories surrounding the allegations surrounding Utah Attorney General John Swallow.

BYU Poll Shows 72% of Utah Voters Want Swallow Impeached

A new poll released by the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy at Brigham Young University shows that the majority of Utah voters think that Attorney General John Swallow should resign.

Embattled Attorney General John Swallow has repeatedly denied allegations that he was involved in a bribery scheme or even acted unethically in office. But, that message doesn’t seem to be resonating with voters. In a poll released Monday from the Center for the Study of Elections and Democracy, 78 percent of voters say that Swallow should resign. 

Credit Utah Data Points
The majority of Utah voters think John Swallow should resign.

  He isn’t receiving much support from his own party either. Even among those who identify themselves as strong Republicans, a majority says he should resign. Quin Monson is the director of the center. He says the results don’t bode well for the future of the Attorney General.

“When your base supports erodes that so that even the people that might vote for you at a primary or at a convention in our state don’t support you then you know you’re in big trouble,” he says.

The poll also shows that the majority of Utah voters are in favor of the Utah legislature moving forward with impeachment. Monson says it’s a finding that could help sway some of the legislators that are hesitant to take that step.

“It probably ought to get their attention in some way and have them thinking that their constituents won’t be upset with them if they choose to move forward,” he says.

Credit Utah Data Points
The majority of Utah voters are also in favor of impeachment

 The House Republican Caucus is set to discuss the matter of impeachment on Wednesday. House Democrats have already come out in favor of at least creating a committee to investigate the allegations against the Attorney General.

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