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Downtown Alliance Says Gateway Will Survive

Sep 5, 2012

Salt Lake City’s Downtown Alliance is trying to calm public concern that The Gateway shopping center will close down now that City Creek Center is open.

Nick Como, a spokesperson for the Downtown Alliance declared in a recent blog post that The Gateway is redefining itself and will survive. City Creek Center has in fact absorbed some of the Gateway’s former retail residents, including J. Crew, Loft, American Eagle and soon Apple. But Como suggests that’s okay.
"The Gateway has the wider corridors; it has more of like an entertainment flair to it, with the arena being across the street for Jazz games and the Megaplex there, for the planetarium, Discovery Gateway and then also, there’s concerns the Depot," he says. "It’s just a different range of things that you find at City Creek."

Como says he continues to hear concerns from the community that the Gateway won’t survive the competition. But he says Salt Lake City’s West Side has grown tremendously in proximity to The Gateway with new restaurants, residential space and the possibility of a year round farmer’s market in the Rio Grande Depot.

"I think all of those things combined, not one of them alone really helps that West side turn the corner from a pretty challenged neighborhood to what you see today," he says.

He adds, Gateway, unlike City Creek Center is also open Sundays, which is one of the biggest shopping days of the week.

Officials with The Gateway did not respond  to a request for comment.