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Heavy Winds to Subside Wednesday

Dec 30, 2014

Arctic winds spilling into northern Utah overnight are dissipating as they travel south to central Utah. But as the wind dies down, freezing temperatures continue.

Mike Siemen is a meteorologist with the national weather service in Salt Lake City. He says the easterly winds will continue into the evening, dying down around midnight, with wind-chill values expected to dip to -13 degrees.

“Tomorrow looks dry, not nearly as windy, but still quite cold with temperatures struggling to make it to the 20 degree mark along the Wasatch Front,” Siemen says.

The National Weather Service is still issuing a high wind warning for Davis County. Jeff Bassett is the South Davis Metro Fire chief. He says fire crews in Northern Utah were busy last night responding to power outages that had tripped fire alarms, power surges and carbon monoxide calls. 

“These types of windstorms when they come through, sometimes it causes problems with the venting in the homes,” Bassett says. “So it’s important that CO detectors are on each level of the house and are fully operational.”

Meteorologist Mike Siemen advises motorists headed south for the holiday to be cautious as Southern Utah is expecting heavy snowstorms tonight and tomorrow.