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Love Defeats Owens Again In Utah's 4th District

Nov 9, 2016

Republican Mia Love defeated her Democratic challenger Doug Owens and will serve another term representing Utah’s 4 Congressional District. 

The race in the 4th district was the closest of Utah’s congressional contests, but on Tuesday night, Love claimed victory with nearly 53% of the vote.

“Guys, it’s been such a long night, I’m so sorry. You know me, I wasn’t okay with just a few points. Right now we’re hitting about 10 points and I’m expecting that margin to widen a little bit, so I’m really excited about that,” said Love.

This was the second time Love defeated Democrat Doug Owens. In 2014, her margin of victory was about 7500 votes.  That race was close enough to convince Owens to run again this year.

During the race Owens chose to attack Love as a congresswoman who enjoyed the perks of office rather than putting her constituents first. The message failed to resonate with voters.

At the end of Tuesday night, Owens had still not spoken to reporters and his campaign didn’t offer any statement regarding his defeat.