Station Signal Outages | KUER 90.1

Station Signal Outages

Apr 30, 2019

KUER occasionally experiences outages in our statewide network of transmitters and translators. You can report a problem here. In the meantime, you can continue to listen to KUER via our live web stream or the KUER app.

Pocatello (4/30/2019)
KUER is currently off the air in the Pocatello area. Equipment at our translator site on Kinport Peak was recently damaged beyond repair. As a result, KUER is working to relocate our translator and install new equipment to restore our signal.


We do not have an exact date for the project’s completion, but we expect it it could take two months or more.


In the meantime, please listen to the station via our live web stream or the KUER app.


Our connection to Pocatello listeners is a very important one to us, ever since the community helped raise funds to establish this translator in the 1980s. KUER greatly appreciates your patience while we address the situation.