Utah AG Sean Reyes Recuses Himself From Defending SB54 | KUER 90.1

Utah AG Sean Reyes Recuses Himself From Defending SB54

Dec 22, 2014

Utah Attorney General Sean Reyes has recused himself from being involved with the state’s defense of SB54.

SB54 makes changes to Utah election law and allows candidates to bypass the caucus/convention system and appear on a primary ballot by gathering signatures from registered voters. The Utah Republican Party is suing the state over those changes because they say that it’s unconstitutional for a state to dictate to a party how they choose candidates.

In a statement sent to KUER, Republican Attorney General Sean Reyes says he’s recusing himself from the case to avoid even the appearance of a conflict of interest. In the past, he’s openly supported the current caucus/convention system, has donated money to the state GOP, and is a member of the its governing body.

Reyes’s Chief of Staff, Parker Douglas, will lead the office’s Constitutional Section in overseeing the case.