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The Takeaway

Monday through Thursday from 12:00pm to 1:00 pm
  • Hosted by Tanzina Vega

The Takeaway is the national morning news program that delivers the news and analysis you need to catch up, start your day, and prepare for what's ahead. Host John Hockenberry, along with the The New York Times and WGBH Boston, invites listeners every morning to learn more and be part of the American conversation on-air and online here at The Takeaway is a unique partnership of global news leaders. It is a co-production of PRI (Public Radio International) and WNYC Radio in collaboration with The New York Times and WGBH Boston.

The Takeaway Live Invitation.
Matthew Septimus / WNYC

Tanzina Vega is bringing The Takeaway to Salt Lake City for a live event on Thursday, June 6. Join the audience as Tanzina and her guests bring you fresh takes on our national conversation around race, politics, media, inequity, and more. It’ll be a night filled with the candor and questions you expect from The Takeaway, about issues specific to Utah and the west — in your own backyard.