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Should Every Home Have a Gun? A Small Utah Town Says Yes

Spring City Corporation

Officials in Spring City, Utah are considering an ordinance that would encourage every homeowner to own a gun.

Spring City Councilman Neil Sorensen came up with the original idea that would have made owning a gun mandatory. But after discussion the city council quickly decided doing so would be too complicated, so they changed the language of the ordinance. Sorensen says he hopes the ordinance will make criminals think twice before attempting a home invasion.

“We felt like this might be a good way to curtail crime and to show our support for the 2nd Amendment and gun rights,” he says. 

During the same meeting the City Council also approved funding to pay the concealed carry training fees for any interested Spring City Elementary School faculty member but that too has come under scrutiny.

“We have had some question about whether the city should participate in that or not and we have had individuals step up and say that they would actually pay for that and it wouldn’t come out of the city’s pocket,” Sorensen says. 

The council will consider the first draft of the ordinance on February 1st. The City will then hold a public forum on it before holding a final vote before the end of the month.

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