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UDOT Says it's Ready for Winter

Tim Slover

Jason Davis is UDOT Director of Operations. He says snowplows need to run as well as emergency medical services.

“If you think about a snowplow, you want them to react when they’re needed,” says Davis. “You know, we kind of think of them a little bit like an ambulance. You don’t want an ambulance to have to go out there and defrost the windows and everything—you want, when they’re needed, for them to be able to respond

immediately. Snowplows are the same thing: if we can keep them ready to respond at a moment’s notice, then we’re able to keep the roads in better condition for the folks that are out there driving.”

Davis also says there’re a few things drivers should always keep in their cars to keep safe during the winter.

“Jumper cables, winter gloves, first aid kit, flashlight—you know, snow cables or snow chains, a blanket—those are the type of emergency supplies you’ll want to have,” says Davis. “You also want to make sure that you’ve got good windshield wipers, that you’re windshield washer fluid is topped off, and that you’ve got an ice scraper.”

Above all, Davis is confident about UDOT’s ability to keep the roads clear.

“UDOT is prepared. We’re ready for the winter. I guarantee you,” says Davis.

Rain and snow are expected in parts of Northern Utah through Saturday.  

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