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Atheists Plan Resignation Rally During LDS Conference
American Atheists President David Silverman

  Last year, the Atheists of Utah held an event in conjunction with the LDS General Conference, inviting disaffected Mormons to quit the church.  They’re planning a similar event this year with some national leadership. 

David Silverman is the president of American Atheists, and he’s planning to be at a rally in City Creek Park Sunday morning.  The group will collect letters from those intending to resign their membership in the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and take them to Temple Square.

Silverman says they’re not coming to Salt Lake to try to convert anybody.

“What we’re trying to do is to get the atheists who are already atheists out of the closet and give them a comfortable place to grow," Silverman told KUER. "There’s nothing evangelical in taking people who are already with us and just helping them be more comfortable with what they are and who they are.”

The group plans to gather Sunday morning at eleven at City Creek Park on the corner of State Street and North Temple.

Silverman says the event is a warm-up for the American Atheists national convention in Salt Lake City on Easter Weekend.

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