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LDS Faithful say Goodbye to President Boyd K. Packer

Courtesy of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.
Thousands gathered at the Salt Lake Tabernacle to say goodbye to President Boyd K. Packer.

Faithful Mormons gathered at the Salt Lake Tabernacle on Temple Square today to say goodbye to Boyd K. Packer.  The President of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles of the LDS Church died last week at the age of 90. 

The Mormon Tabernacle Choir began the service with the hymn “Does the Journey Seem Long.” For Boyd K. Packer, his tenure as a leader in The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints was certainly not brief.  Packer was ordained an Apostle in 1970 and served on the Quorum of the Twelve until his death earlier this month.  Packer’s oldest son, Elder Allan Packer talked about his father’s devotion to the ideals of the family, but Elder M. Russell Ballard highlighted Packer’s contributions as a spiritual guide and teacher.

“President Packer was a master teacher and I’ve always tried to be a good student.  He taught me the importance of listening and finding answers to life’s questions by feeling and knowing the spirit and power of God. As I have often said of him, he is an Apostle of the Lord, from the crown of his head to souls of his feet,” said Ballard.

During his life, Packer was a fierce defender of the conservative ideals of Mormonism. Elder Dallin Oaks said that Packer often challenged his fellow members of the quorum to remember the importance of every member of the Church. Oaks also said that Packer’s mortal death is not the end of his spiritual life.

“Love lives on and death is only a horizon that limits our vision of the glories that lie beyond,” said Oaks.

President Thomas Monson concluded the service and will pick Packer’s successor in the coming months. Packer was laid to rest in the Brigham City Cemetery.  

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