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Smart Speakers

Your smart speaker serves as a hands-free radio. If you have an Amazon Echo (Alexa), Google Home (Ok Google), or Apple HomePod (Siri), you can use your voice to listen to any of KUER’s three services with the following commands:

Live programmingBBC on KUERClassical KUER
"Alexa, play KUER.""Alexa, play KUER-2.""Alexa, play Classical KUER."
"Ok Google, play KUER.""Ok Google, play KUER-2.""Ok Google, play Classical KUER."
"Hey Siri, play KUER radio." "Hey Siri, play KUER-2 radio.""Hey Siri, play Classical KUER."

Learn more about listening to KUER on your smart speaker with NPR's handy how-to page.