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An interview. A book review. An essay. When was the last time you heard something on NPR that changed your life? Maybe it was an interview with a Syrian teacher about the power of art to help children deal with the trauma of war. Or a book review on the science of happiness. Perhaps it was an essay on one man's journey to connect with his Jewish heritage. The voices that you hear every day on KUER can inspire a chain of events that ultimately affect our lives in powerful ways. In the coming days, you'll hear stories from fellow listeners about what they receive from KUER - and why they choose to give back. As you listen, think about your life and how sharing your story could inspire someone else to give.Thanks to Issimo Productions for making KUER's Give = Receive campaign possible.

Give = Receive, "Here's that sense of belonging..."

"You can sit in your house, and feel like everything goes on around you. Or you can be a part of something bigger and much, much better. Now you're a family."

GiveReceiveFAMILY from KUER 90.1 on Vimeo.

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