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Announcing KUER's New Community Engagement PSA


In an effort to increase our level of community engagement as part of our mission, KUER 90.1 is adding a third needs-based PSA to our on-air rotation. Each week, the needs-based PSA will highlight (3) nonprofit organizations that are looking for donations, volunteers, or other needs to support their event. Below is an example of a needs-based PSA:

Visit KUER’s community calendar to find nonprofit organizations that need your help. This week, featured nonprofits include the Utah Food Bank asking for nonperishable items, KUED’s call for volunteers for their on-air pledge drive, and the Crossroads Urban Center requesting winter clothing donations.  For details about these nonprofit needs and more, visit the community calendar at

To be considered for the needs-based PSA or any other PSA, your organization must be a non-profit tax exempt organization. If you have an event that you would like to be considered for an on-air PSA, please submit it via our online community calendar by clicking here at least two weeks in advance. For-profit groups may submit events to KUER’s online community calendar, but these events will not be considered for on-air PSAs.

As a reminder, KUER only accepts submissions for PSAs via our online community calendar. We do not accept PSAs via mail, email or phone. PSAs are written, recorded and produced by KUER staff. Once an event is submitted and approved on KUER’s community calendar, it will be considered for an on-air PSA. KUER’s PSAs are a service to the community and chosen based on the interests of the listeners. KUER does not guarantee that any specific organization will be chosen for a PSA. If an organization is chosen for a PSA, KUER will not notify the organization because this is a service to the community. If an organization would like guaranteed on-air time with a spot listing, please consider becoming an underwriter of the station.

For questions or more information, please contact Gayle Ewer, Marketing and Community Engagement Manager.

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