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RadioWest Live In-Studio CD

RadioWest Live In-Studio CD: If you love RadioWest’s local music series, then you will LOVE our RadioWest CD highlighting live in-studio recordings of local bands featured on RadioWest. Music includes songs from L’Anarchiste, Folka Dots, Spell Talk, Bullets & Belles, Moth & The Flame, and more with cover art by local artist, Shawn Harris. 

$10 per CD
To purchase, contact KUER at (801) 581-5559 or email Nastaran Alimadadi at

You want to really learn about a place, look for the art created by the locals.  I’m not talking about issues you might find in lyrics or spray painted on walls.  I’m talking about something else, though it’s hard to explain and I don’t know if I really want to pin it down.  For some reason, up and down the state, Utah has really inspired musicians.  We started a series on local music to find them and give them an opportunity to talk about their work and then play it for those who might be listening.  This CD is the kind of thing you could share with someone who asks, ‘what’s this place like?’  Enjoy.
-          Doug Fabrizio

All songs recorded live in KUER’sRadioWest studio, Salt Lake City, UT
Host: Doug Fabrizio
RadioWest producers: Elaine Clark, Benjamin Bombard
Engineers/technical directors: Lewis Downey, Mike Anderson and Michael Havey

Track List:
1. Band of Annuals – Blood On My Shirt (3:29) (Recorded: February 8, 2008)
2. Desert Noises – Your Wolf (2:47) (Recorded: April 5, 2012)
3. S.L.F.M. – Dainty (2:29) (Recorded: November 10, 2010)
4. Paul Jacobson & The Madison Arm – Two-Headed Heart (5:29) (Recorded: April 14, 2011)
5. Bullets & Belles – Count to Zero (3:36) (Recorded: June 21, 2012)
6. The Moth & The Flame – Home (4:39) (February 9, 2012)
7. Spell Talk – Willy (3:52) (Recorded: December 20, 2011)
8. Drew Danburry – Nirvana, by Kurt Cobain (2:31) (Recorded: July 23, 2009)
9. The Folka Dots – Marmalade Blues (4:52) (Recorded: October 19, 2011)
10. Holy Water Buffalo – What Is and What’s to Come (4:05) (Recorded: June 22, 2011)
11. L’anarchiste – Stony (6:45) (Recorded: May 16, 2012)
12. The Legendary Porch Pounders – Find Somebody New (4:47) (recorded: October 7, 2009)
13. Matteo – Brocade River Barcarole (2:37) (Recorded: July 25, 2012)

RadioWest and KUER would like to extend their gratitude to all the talented and generous musicians who make the Local Music series so successful. All bands on this compilation kindly agreed to donate their recordings as part of KUER’s fund drive efforts.

Local Review by Gavin Sheehan of SLUG Magazine

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