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Traffic on Utah highway.
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Thursday morning, July 2, 2020

A woman in a red vest looks at a display of missing persons posters.
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State and federal officials are launching new efforts to address the issue of missing and murdered Indigenous women in Utah, after a nationwide study called attention to the issue in 2018. 

Photo of an instructor hosting online summer camp.
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Normally when the last bell of the school year rings, students race out of the classroom, throw away old assignments and get excited for summer plans. But the coronavirus pandemic has thrown a wrench in those plans, forcing families to reevaluate and make adjustments. 

Photo of the University of Utah football stadium
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Wednesday evening, July 1, 2020

Photo of a man standing outside
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In a stunning upset, state Sen. Lyle Hillyard, R-Logan, has been ousted by a political newcomer after 35 years in the Utah Senate and nearly 40 years in the state Legislature. 

Photo of the Wasatch mountains covered in snow.
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Wednesday morning, July 1, 2020

Photo of USPS mail box with an election sign telling voters not to drop ballots here.
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Utahns voted in a very influential primary election Tuesday. There's the open governor's seat, a congressional swing district ... Most races, though, are still up in the air this morning. KUER’s politics team Sonja Hutson and Emily Means joined Diane Maggipinto to break down what happened.

A group of people standing on the sidewalk.
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Masks are a contentious issue in Moab. Local officials have pushed visitors to voluntarily use them since tourism resumed, but many visitors aren’t complying. Now, the Grand County Council is pushing to make face coverings mandatory inside all public places and businesses. 

Utah Transit Authority bus

Tuesday evening, June 30, 2020

Photo of a house in a neighborhood
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Utah has provided nearly $134,000 in rental assistance to 112 people since mid-May, when the governor’s eviction freeze ended. 

Photo of a mail-in ballot
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Tuesday is Utah’s primary election, but because of COVID-19 it looks fairly different. No lines to polling places, voting booths or “I Voted” stickers — because the primary election is being conducted almost entirely by mail. Utah has embraced mail-in voting in the past, but never on this scale. To better understand what the lasting impact of this could be, KUER’s Caroline Ballard spoke with Marie Paxton Staniforth, an assistant professor of political science at Westminster College in Salt Lake City. 

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Utahns across the state are voting on who will be their party's candidates during the November general elections.

Preliminary results are expected to be released at 10 p.m. MDT on Tuesday, June 30. Due to the unique nature of this election, final results may be days or weeks away.

Photo of the U sign on the university of utah campus
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Tuesday morning, June 30, 2020

Use it or lose it.

That saying is at the heart of how access to water is managed in the western U.S. Laws that govern water in more arid states, like Colorado, incentivize users to always take their full share from rivers and streams, or risk the state rescinding it. The threat comes in the form of a once-a-decade document that lists those users on the brink of losing their access to one of the region's most precious resources.

Photo of a San Juan County voting ballot
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Primary Election Day in Utah will look different this year compared to years past due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

A gavel
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Donna Miller was heading to nursing school in August 2018, when she was pulled over by Murray Police Officer Jarom Allred for driving an uninsured car, according to a federal lawsuit Miller filed Monday. 

Miller said she gave Allred her insurance card and he then accused her of driving under the influence of alcohol. She took a breathalyzer test which came back negative, she added. 

Photo of double archs in red rock
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Monday evening, June 29, 2020

Photo of a building that says "Dixie Center at St. George"
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Washington County leaders decided Monday to hold off on renaming the Dixie Convention Center after voting last week to change its name to Greater Zion. 

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced the nation to figure out something it's tried to do for years: increase access to telehealth.

That’s true across the nation and in rural Western states like Idaho. 

Photo of Vivin Smarthome Arena.
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Monday morning, June 29, 2020

Photo of cars in Zion National Park.
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The shuttle service at Zion National Park will resume July 1 after shutting down in March due to the coronavirus. 

Photo of the outside of the University of Utah Hospital building
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Utah set a record high of new COVID cases on Friday, when health officials reported 676 new cases. And over the weekend, another 1,050 were reported. Now, hospitals are preparing to make room for more patients.

Photo of a woman wearing a mask
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Friday evening, June 26, 2020

Photo of the downtown salt lake city skyline
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Big changes could be coming to one of Utah’s tax incentive programs that encourages businesses to come to the state, as all four Republican candidates for governor support reforming it. 

Updated at 3:30 p.m. ET

The White House Coronavirus Task Force renewed calls for vigilance on Friday, acknowledging rising cases across Southern states and in parts of California.

Photo of the lake
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Friday morning, June 26, 2020

The Utah State Capitol.
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A dozen incumbent legislators in Utah are facing primary challengers this year. And for many current legislators, the rallying cry against them is about their involvement in the controversial tax reform bill passed at the end of 2019. 

Illustration of two people on ladders painting a blue wall red
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Who can unseat Utah’s lone Democratic congressman, Ben McAdams?

That’s the question before Republican voters as they pick which of four primary candidates will go up against McAdams in November to represent the 4th Congressional District. 

Photo of a woman speaking into a microphone
Emily Means

Thursday evening, June 25, 2020

Headshots of each candidate cropped into one image
Headshots courtesy of campaigns

The Republican gubernatorial candidates’ picks for Utah’s lieutenant governor are diverse in terms of gender, geography, and political experience.