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Citizens of the World Travel Program

Connect with the people and places that you hear about on NPR by joining KUER's "Citizens of the World" Travel Program. Experience UNESCO World Heritage conservation sites, learn about the historical significance of places traveled and immerse yourself in the food, language and culture of travel destinations throughout the world. Questions? Contact Ja'Naye Payne at (801)-581-3227 or

Washington D.C.: News and the Nation's Capitol

Oct 27, 2017

Put on your KUER socks, slap on your NPR temporary tattoo, and join us in Washington D.C. for the news junkie tour of a lifetime! Hang out with Rachel Martin and Bob Mondello, gaze upon the studios where Morning Edition is recorded, and witness The Tiny Desk in all its (really quite small) glory. Have lunch with Utah’s only D.C.-based journalist and visit the Newseum—yes, they have a whole museum for news!


May 3, 2017

Questions? Contact Ja'Naye Payne at 801-581-3227 or

Suggest a destination: Email Gayle Ewer, KUER's Marketing Manager, to tell her your ideas for new places that the "Citizens of the World" can explore.

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