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6/6/06: The Devil and his Domain

By Doug Fabrizio

Salt Lake City, UT – Take a close look at Tuesday's date, and you may notice that it is 6/6/6 -- reflecting for some the mark of the beast mentioned in The Book of Revelations. While theological debate continues as to what the number means, the day gives us the opportunity to take a look at notions of the devil and hell. From early Bablyonian times to today, the underworld and its ruler have fueled imaginations for art and literature, and steered the faithful along a righteous path. Doug talks to Miriam Van Scott, author of "Encyclopedia of Hell," and to religious leaders about the after-life of the damned.

  • Dante's "Inferno" describes a journey through the nine circles of hell. See how your ethics measure up to the 14th century Italian's world-view by taking Dante's Inferno Test

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