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12/9/09: The Platte

The Platte
The Platte

By Doug Fabrizio

Salt Lake City, Utah – Wednesday, Doug takes another look at local music with The Platte. Andrew Shaw's music is perfect for a cold, wintry day. He says his work reflects on expansive landscapes - from the plains of his native Nebraska to the mountains of Utah. His music is simple, maybe even stark, but Shaw believes it's about giving every note and rhythm the chance to stand out. The Platte's new CD is called "Grus," and Shaw and others join us to play and talk about the work.

In the first segment of today's RadioWest, we look at some of the best local music of 2009. Here's our guests picks:

Jamie Gadette, City Weekly and KRCL

  • Will Sartain: For Love
  • The Platte: Grus
  • David Williams
  • Cub Country: Stretch That Skull Cover and Smile
  • Big Sky Tribunal
  • Little Sap Dungeon
  • Eagle Twin
  • Nolens Volens: Nolens Volens

    Vanessa Wardy, Slowtrain Music

  • Palace of Buddies: Palace of Buddies
  • David Williams: Western Interior Seaway
  • The Platte: GRUS
  • Birthquake: Teepee EP
  • Libbie Linton: Bird Wings in the Bleak
  • Will Sartain: For Love
  • Big Sky Tribunal: Big Sky Tribunal

    Angela Brown, SLUG Magazine

  • Muscle Hawk: The Speed of Dark EP
  • nonnon: The Entitlement Generation Cassette release
  • Palace of Buddies: Palace of Buddies
  • Loom: Selva Molhada
  • Eagle Twin: The Unkindness of Crows

    Bad Brad Wheeler, KRCL 90.1

  • Mad Max and the Wild Ones
  • The Tiny Lights
  • The New Evils
  • Naked Eyes
  • Kate LeDeuce
  • Radio Rhythm Makers
  • Rubes
  • Mike Sasich of Andale, Thunderfist and The High Beams
  • Duncan Phillips
  • Other music highlight of 2009: Reopening of Raunch Records

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