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Solid Fuel Burning Stove Restrictions Tightened by the UDAQ

Bob Nelson

The Utah Division of Air Quality is adopting a new rule and amending a current rule for increased restrictions on wood burning stoves. They’ve also expanded the areas of enforcement.

Beginning in January, all counties now under strict particulate matter or PM 2.5 rules will also be subject to PM 10 rules restricting wood burning. Division Director Bryce Bird says even though the state has been in compliance for solid fuel burning standards since 1988, these changes need to be part of the State Implementation Plan. 

Bird says,“This new wood burning control program or solid fuel burning control program is extended to the not attainment areas of Tooele County, of Box Elder County and to Cache County.”

Bird says the Division will also soon be adopting the 6-color Air Quality Index used by the federal Environmental Protection Agency and the American Lung Association. He says it’s an effort by the Utah Department of Environmental Quality to be more proactive and protective.

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