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HD Radio Information

What is HD Radio?

HD Radio is a new technology that enables AM and FM radio stations to broadcast programs digitally, a tremendous technological leap from today's analog broadcasts. These digital broadcasts provide listeners with improved audio quality and reception and new data services.

What are the benefits of HD Radio?

HD radio is free to consumers (no subscription fees). FM broadcasts have CD-quality sound. HD Radio receivers display important data, including song titles, artist names, traffic updates, weather forecasts, sports scores and more.

How can I listen to HD radio?

To hear an HD radio broadcast, you'll need a new HD Radio receiver that is tuned to a station in your area that is sending an HD Radio broadcast. HD radios range from $75 to $500.

Where can I purchase an HD radio receiver?

You can purchase HD radios at electronics retailers. If you purchase from with this link, a portion of your purchase supports KUER.

If I purchase an HD radio receiver, can I listen to stations that are broadcasting in digital and analog signals?

Yes, HD radios will receive analog if the station isn't broadcasting HD, and automatically switch to HD when it receives a digital signal.

Does KUER stream HD Radio over the internet?

Yes, click here for more information.

For more information, contact the Technical (Web) department.

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