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Senate Delays Vote on Medical Marijuana Bill

Brian Grimmett
Sen. Mark Madsen presents SB259 on the Senate Floor

The Senate has delayed a vote on a bill that aims to make the use of medical marijuana legal. 

Sen. Mark Madsen began presenting the bill with only 30 minutes left in the scheduled floor time. He tried to explain it as quickly as possible, but did not leave enough time for the other senators to ask as many questions as they’d like. 

As floor time was set to end, Madsen tried to get the body to vote on his bill, but Sen. Todd Weiler objected.

“Point of order. We have no provision to cut off debate. I have requested to speak. A number of other people have requested to speak. I absolutely object to this being voted on right now.”

Madsen was then asked to circle the bill. That effectively tables the measure until senators have more time to consider the legislation on the floor. Madsen is worried that time for the session is running out.

“It pains me with 10 days left, and I don’t know that I’m going to win any votes here, but I realize the tactic here. We’ll circle it. I move to circle.”

The Senate will most likely continue their debate on the bill Tuesday. Madsen also says he has a substitute version of the bill that will address several of the other Senators’ concerns. 

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