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On "Preach," host Lee Hale sat down with people from all walks of life and all religions. You’ll hear people talk honestly about their doubts and beliefs; how they wrestle with life’s big questions; and the way spirituality intersects with their daily struggles and joys. Often, the word “preach” is used as a way to encourage someone to share their story — to validate, or to tell them that they deserve to be heard. That’s what this show is about: Empowering the people — some of them famous, all of them fascinating — who live in the messy middle of faith. Because we’re all hungry for more frank, fun conversations about how we make sense of life. From KUER and PRX. Listen wherever you get your podcasts.

"Preach" stopped producing new episodes in 2020.

Episode List
  • Lee Hale finds himself talking to strangers about religion a lot. So when he was test driving cars, it was bound to come up. It turned out the car salesman, Pete Philbrook, grew up a strict Jehovah’s Witness. And he was willing to answer all of Lee’s questions about the other door-knocking faith.
  • The Oracle of Los Angeles and author Amanda Yates Garcia talks with host Lee Hale about being raised a witch, how she practices magic now, and the power of Saturn.
  • The host of NPR’s It’s Been A Minute opens up about his Pentecostal roots, the power of church music and what he's praying about in these challenging times.
  • She describes herself as a fat, black and queer yoga teacher. And Jessamyn Stanley has garnered a massive following online for her authentic, unapologetic love of yoga. The author and podcaster talks with host Lee Hale about leaving behind her strict upbringing in the Bahá'í Faith and wandering in a spiritual wilderness. Plus, how to combat cultural appropriation.
  • Lee Hale woke up to an earthquake in Salt Lake City Wednesday morning. Between that, and all the coronavirus news, it seemed like a good time to call his friend Jakob Lewis. Jakob hosts the podcast Neighbors from Nashville. They had an honest chat about finding faith in times of need, existential uncertainty, and how maybe we can all be better neighbors (even while we keep our physical distance). And they wanted to share the conversation with you.
  • The former "Saturday Night Live" writer and creator of the TBS comedy talks about how his Hebrew school days inspired him to create a God character perfect for Steve Buscemi, writing through his existential anxiety and why he’s agnostic about pretty much everything.
  • This episode is packed with goodness from our first ever live show, including:Mindfulness expert Thomas McConkie on why he ran away from home as a teen.The founders of The Emerald Project on training FBI agents to combat Islamophobia.Millennial Rabbi Samuel Spector on leading Utah’s largest Jewish congregation.Comedian Stacey Harkey on navigating being black, gay and Mormon in Utah.
  • Hideo Higashibaba was born into the Unification Church. Its members are commonly known as “Moonies” because of their devotion to the self-proclaimed messiah Rev. Sun Myung Moon. Hideo left the church in his 20s and has since come out as queer and transgender. He now calls the church a cult, and mined his own story to create a podcast called Growing Up Moonie. He talks with host Lee Hale about why he decided to delve into his painful past, and what he learned from it.
  • Makinde Adedapo grew up practicing an ancient West African tradition in Chicago. He talks with Lee Hale about discovering your destiny, the explosion of interest in Yoruban culture, and how things can get complicated when your dad is also your priest
  • We’re back for season two! And we’re kicking things off with Krista Tippett. The unofficial pastor of public radio talks with Lee Hale about her time as a chaplain for patients with Alzheimer's, why she’s a ‘little bit allergic’ to the language of belief and why mystery matters so much.