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Cooke Opposes Same-Sex Marriage

Democratic Gubernatorial Candidate Peter Cooke called a press conference today, to respond to the National Democratic Party’s recently updated platform.

“I do not support gay marriage," Cooke said.

That’s where he said he differs from the National Democratic Parties political platform, which endorsed same-message marriage in its proposed platform over the weekend.

“However, I strongly believe that no one should be discriminated against on any grounds, especially in the workplace and in housing," he said.

Cooke says he’ll support a statewide non-discrimination law. He also told KUER, he thinks same-sex adoption is “okay.”

The Utah Democratic Party platform does not include endorsing same-sex marriage.  In fact, nothing in the state platform makes any reference to LGBT issues. Utah Democratic  Party chairman Jim Dabakis was unavailable for comment Monday, but he said in a statement Utah Democrats remain a big tent party, and like Utahns everywhere, have various opinions about this and other issues. 

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